SETS - “I’m living healthy, too!”

Published: 03/02/2015

In Romania, a national movement to promote healthy lifestyles among children and their families and to prevent childhood obesity has been a great success since it started in 2011. The SETS movement “I’m living healthy, too!” is run at national level by the Romanian Food and Drink Industry Federation (ROMALIMENTA) together with an alliance of 26 public and private partners including national ministries, sport federations, universities and medical associations.

The initiative has so far provided information about the benefits of a balanced nutrition, daily physical activity and sports to 116,340 pupils in the primary cycle from 252 schools in five cities, to 3,000 teachers and over 200,000 parents. Through the programme, over 500,000 free educational books, letters, informational kits on balanced nutrition and promoting physical activity and sports have been distributed to an estimated two million people, including school students up to the age of 12, teachers and parents.

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