SmartBarley: global insights, local results

Published: 29/03/2018

In 2013, AB InBev launched the SmartBarley platform. SmartBarley uses data, technology and insights to help more than 5000 enrolled farmers improve their crop productivity and environmental performance. Today, SmartBarley is present in over 12 countries across five continents.

AB InBev are innovating at the cutting-edge of malting barley research to help farmers improve yields and reduce the resources they use. The company is leveraging its team of 150 dedicated agronomists and researchers across the world to develop high-quality seeds and share best practices with farmers.

At the heart of the SmartBarley platform is benchmarking. Through more than 40 comprehensive field performance metrics, ranging from yield to irrigation productivity, SmartBarley allows growers to anonymously compare their crop practice and outcomes across other growers around the world.

Leveraging benchmarking insights to assess regional gaps and opportunities, SmartBarley incorporates a portfolio of technology and management programs aimed at helping growers improve yield and input efficiency, while also driving the high quality that is key to AB InBev’s world class beers. While these programs start with a regional focus, we look to scale successful programs globally, levering best practices and shared resources across our global network.

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