Starch Europe Safety Programme

Published: 28/11/2020

Sustainability and a thriving economy is not only about climate change or bottom lines. The European starch industry is convinced and committed to the social pillar of sustainability too, and remains convinced that only a holistic approach will produce a truly sustainable food system. Without the health and safety of our more than 16,000 dedicated workers we would not be able to thrive.

That is why, in 2014, we launched our Starch Europe Safety Programme, recognizing the best performing EU starch plants in terms of reducing workplace accidents. This showcases the dedication of companies to maintain efforts to reduce the risk of accidents occurring, through constant exchange of experience and good practices.

Supported by European starch producers, who strive to continuously improve safety practices and to achieve a safer working environment for their employees.Starch Europe is happy to announce the 11 starch plants who won Safety Awards for the 2019-2020 period.

The Starch Europe Safety Programme grants two types of awards:

  • The Year Award – is awarded to plants which registered no employee lost workday cases involving days away from work for the calendar year, and no employee and no non-employee workplace fatalities for the calendar year.
  • The Million Hour Award – is awarded to plants which registered 1 million consecutive employee hours without an employee lost workday case and without a workplace-related fatality of an employee or non-employee during the period.

Participation from our members is voluntary, and every year since its inception has seen an increased number of members and plants participating. The latest exercise (2019-2020) even saw the scope broaden, as it was decided for the first time to also cover contractors intervening on production sites in the evaluation, to fully reflect the efforts to secure safe working conditions for every person operating on our sites, even during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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