Südzucker: Multilevel cooperation with local farmers

Multilevel cooperation in the sugar sector between Südzucker and farmers

Published: 04/01/2017

By partnering with farmers and research institutes, Südzucker provides beet growers with comprehensive advisory services on economic and environmental challenges.

The company conducts a wide variety of analyses and makes recommendations to the farmers based on its findings.

For example, farmers can access Südzucker’s database of well over 300,000 hectares of sugar beet fields and benchmark their fertilisation programme. Südzucker also runs soil analyses for nutrients in order to optimise fertilisation, as such improving the quality of the harvested crop and cutting fertiliser costs. Since 1980, the volume of mineral nitrogen used for sugar beet cultivation at Südzucker in Germany has decreased by over 50%. This makes sugar a popular crop when planning crop rotation.

As a result, the cooperation is beneficial for both the environment and the farmer.

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