Dutch food industry support for JOGG

Published: 03/02/2017

The Dutch food and drink industry association (FNLI) has actively promoted and committed itself to the initiative of JOGG (Healthy weight for young people, the Dutch version of the French Epode programme) for promoting healthy diets and physical activity among children and youngsters at the local (mostly city or town) level.

The programme has successfully achieved the initial goal of reaching out to at least 75 City Councils. FNLI was instrumental in this success, by promoting the programme among members (food business operators) as well as brokering between individual companies and certain City Councils to agree on local public-private partnerships. Several local public-private partnerships have been created together with many companies and they now work together with (local) authorities and other companies to promote a healthy lifestyle. A number of FNLI member companies have shown commitment to the initiative and have become national partners of JOGG providing financial support to the central organisation.

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