Sustainable in a Generation Plan

Published: 03/02/2017

In September 2017, Mars unveiled its Sustainable in a Generation Plan, which focuses on three interconnected ambitions:

  • Healthy Planet: Our goal is to reduce our environmental impacts in line with what science says is necessary to keep the planet healthy.
  • Thriving People: Our goal is to significantly improve the working lives of one million people in our value chain to enable them to thrive.
  • Nourishing Wellbeing: Our goal is to advance science, innovation and marketing in ways that help billions of people and their pets lead healthier, happier lives.

Within our very diverse portfolios, we will Nourish Wellbeing in the following areas:

  • For our Corporation: Advancing science and collaboration that will improve food safety and security and, therefore, health around the world.
  • For our Food business: Encouraging consumption of a billion more healthy meals by 2021.
  • For our Confectionery business: Making, marketing, portioning and labeling all of our products in a way that helps consumers limit intake of sugar and trans fats, while still delivering a delicious treat.
  • For our Petcare business: Creating a better world for pets and the people that love them through nutritious pet food, high-quality veterinary services, and research on the benefits of human/animal interaction and access.

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