The Sustainable Food Alliance

Published: 22/06/2018

Actors across the Dutch agri-food chain are working to improve sustainability across the Dutch agri-food chain as part of the Sustainable Food Alliance.

Farming, animal feed, food manufacturing, food service, catering, and retail sectors are all collaborating in the Farm-to-Fork food chain to improve both sustainable food production and distribution processes. The Dutch Food & Drink Federation (FNLI) is one of the founding organisations of the Alliance.

The premise for the Alliance is that individual companies alone cannot enable a sustainable transition within the overall agro-food chain. Sustainability is achieved through collaboration throughout the entire food chain, between supplier and producer.

Inspire – stimulate – facilitate – drive

The Alliance will:

  • Initiate projects within the Farm-to-Fork food chain that can provide an ‘extra push’ towards sustainability;
  • Provide a better understanding of the choices and trade-offs that companies make in their transition towards more sustainable food chains;
  • Encourage transparency and awareness from companies about the steps being taken and choices that are being made;
  • Focus on the broad middle where most of the sustainability gains are to be made, and makes the frontrunners more visible in order to inspire and drive the broad middle and laggards.

Focus themes include climate change, biodiversity, circularity, and healthy and sustainable food. There are additional projects being executed along the lines of food waste, product environmental footprints, trusted date source and facilitating sustainability dialogues among the value chain.

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