Unilever: growing ingredients in harmony with nature

Published: 22/04/2021

For the past ten years, Unilever has been investing in sustainable agriculture to support suppliers in adopting good practices. The company has achieved tremendous progress but to really stop soil decline, preserve water resources, protect biodiversity, increase climate resilience and improve livelihoods, more needs to be done.

That’s why the company has launched its latest approach to farming, Regenerative Agriculture Principles, to work in harmony with nature and ensure the long-term viability and resilience of land.

Building on Unilever’s Sustainable Agriculture Code as a foundation, the company is now adding a new layer of practices to work with nature to regenerate it. The Regenerative Agriculture Principles outlines five priority areas in most urgent need of action and where the biggest impact can be made:

  1. Regenerating soils
  2. Protecting water
  3. Increasing biodiversity
  4. Developing climate solutions
  5. Improving farmer livelihoods

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