Unleash your appetite on Eat for Good Day

Published: 19/02/2021

On 19 February, Knorr, a Unilever brand, is launching ‘World Eat for Good Day’ to inspire people to make simple ingredient swaps to increase the nutritional value of meals and reduce their environmental impact.

50 nutritious plant-based ingredients have been selected by Knorr, WWF, scientists, chefs, nutritionists and agricultural experts based on their nutritional value and relatively lower impact on the environment.

Knorr’s ask on 19 February and beyond is simple: take action to change the world by changing what’s on your plate.

Chef and foodie influencers around the globe – including Netflix’s Restaurants on the Edge chef Dennis Prescott – will be sharing and demonstrating recipes on their social feeds and asking everyone to swap at least one ingredient in their routine meals each week for a Future 50 Food, with help from the flavours on offer in Knorr’s range of products.

As one of the world’s largest food companies Unilever understands it has a role to play in helping transform the global food system.

Knorr’s commitments and World Eat for Good Day are part of Unilever’s Future Foods commitments, which will help people transition towards healthier diets and contribute to a new annual global sales target of €1 billion from plant-based meat and dairy alternatives by 2025–27.

Knorr is also working to lower the carbon footprint of its products: 25% of Knorr’s product portfolio will contain the Future 50 Foods, 50% of its portfolio will be plant-based and 100% of Knorr’s vegetables, herbs, cereals and top five spices will be sustainably sourced by 2025.

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