Wholegrain promotion in Sweden

Published: 21/02/2023

The Swedish Food Federation has been working over the past years to prepare for a public-private partnership with the objective of increasing wholegrain intake in the Swedish population. The partnership will be launched in 2023 in cooperation with the Swedish Bread Institute, under the name FullkornsFrämjandet (Wholegrain Promotion).

It will involve actors from many different parts of society, such as individual food companies, industry associations, academia, consumer organisations, patient organisations, authorities and other public bodies. The objective is to increase availability of wholegrain products, increase both consumption and awareness of wholegrain products and demonstrate their health and environmental benefits.

The partnership will drive communication activities towards consumers, aiming at an increased consumer demand for wholegrain products. In the longer perspective, it could also be used to stimulate innovation and product development of more wholegrain products.

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