Workplace Wellbeing Day

Published: 03/02/2016

Workplace Wellbeing Day is an initiative of Food and Drink Industry Ireland and is organised by the Nutrition and Health Foundation, a multi-stakeholder group that brings industry, government and health professionals together in a collaborative approach to reducing obesity in Ireland.

The aim of the programme is to improve employee health through promoting better physical activity and nutrition in the workplace. Ireland’s second National Workplace Wellbeing Day took place on April 8th 2016.

The day was a huge success with over 300 companies signed up. Both public and private sector organisations across the country got involved in the initiative and put a focus on workplace wellbeing for the day.

The accompanying National Workplace Wellbeing Day seminar had over 200 registered attendees hear industry speakers talk about their workplace wellbeing programmes, and former world champion boxer Bernard Dunne speak about his career and the importance of positivity.

2016 also saw the launch of the Lunchtime Mile, where companies set up a route for their employees to get out and walk a mile at lunchtime. Over 132,000 employees were given the chance to get out and get moving.

2016 saw a huge jump in the number of companies participating and there is now a plan to build on this momentum with best practice events where companies can learn from each other about what can work for them in terms of workplace wellbeing.

Its success has seen National Workplace Wellbeing Day being embedded as an annual event.

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