More local insects (your #FoodFuture in 3 words)

Published: 21/09/2021

More insects. Food grown locally. No more waste. Personalised nutrition. Lab meat. Plastic-free packs. Organic and tasty. Fair for farmers. Community driven. These are just a few of the hundreds of ideas coming out of our public listening exercise on the future of food.

Go on, you know you want to have a go. Pop down to the comments below and describe your food future in no more than three words.

Done it? Super, now I can explain why your input is important. 

This is all part of a mammoth #FoodFuture conversation where the food industry wants to co-create a sustainable future with you.

Since the #FoodFuture launch, we’ve had in-depth conversations with hundreds of people about sustainable innovations. How to empower young people. What characteristics our leaders need to deliver true sustainability. How to communicate the science of sustainability. How to decarbonise the food chain. And much more.  

We’ve heard from some of Europe’s most sustainable small and medium-sized businesses, learning how they are disrupting the food chain, with ideas such as an app to eradicate food waste.

We’ve conducted focus groups all around Europe to learn how students, families, professionals, fitness-fanatics and retirees value their food today, and want to see it evolve tomorrow.

To prove that we’re not ‘just another faceless industry’ we’ve also driven our retro silver food van into the centre of Brussels where we are all on hand – from our Director General down – to talk to you about our collective vision for our #FoodFuture.

The food van will be back in Brussels at Place Jean Rey all next week (27 September – 1 October). So come on down for your free coffee and a chat!      

We’ve been bowled over by the number of people – 800 and counting – that have joined our conversation across all the #FoodFuture activities and events so far.

But we’re only just getting started. You can take part in our online workshop here and there will be other chances to engage coming up.

Why bother?

Your comments, thoughts, ideas and criticisms (yes, we do welcome criticism!) will be presented to our members – the food and drink manufacturing industry – and we will then draw up an action plan to deliver more sustainable food systems.

This will help us build on the EU’s code on food sustainability where many businesses have already committed to more sustainable practices with specific, ambitious, and closely-monitored commitments.

We will then show you our action plan and ask for your reactions as the #FoodFuture conversation continues and real action begins! 

By Will Surman

Deputy Director-General & Director, Strategic Communications, Public Affairs and ESG