New Industry Commitment to Balanced Diets and Healthy Lifestyles


(Brussels, 23 September 2015) On the 10th anniversary of the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, FoodDrinkEurope - a founding member- launches a new commitment: “Framework for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health".

FoodDrinkEurope is a major contributor to the work of the EU Platform and accounts for almost half of all voluntary commitments and initiatives undertaken by Platform members since its launch. The Framework Commitment will further reinforce its action in support of the Platform as it will gather a wide range of existing and new commitments taken by national federations, European sectors and individual companies, including SMEs. It will cover five key action areas:
· Product Formulation and Innovation (including portion sizes)
· Responsible Marketing and Advertising
· Consumer Information
· Promoting Health Lifestyles
· Research

Through this framework concept, the food and drink industry will step up its efforts to deliver on the following concrete objectives:
· Continue promoting and leveraging the national, European and global (voluntary) industry initiatives in the area of diet, nutrition and health that are already in place (e.g. commitments, pledges etc.)
· Act as a catalyst to trigger further action, by encouraging members and associations, especially SMEs to sign up to this framework initiative on a voluntary basis, and help achieve the Platform’s objectives
· Identify and share good practices across the EU

FoodDrinkEurope will act as an enabler for the submission of individual commitments/actions under the Framework, and consequently under the EU Platform. FoodDrinkEurope aims to report annually on the progress of this initiative under the existing EU Platform monitoring framework. As a next step, FoodDrinkEurope will explore the opportunity to broaden the scope and magnitude of the commitment by seeking collaboration with interested food chain partners.

Download the Press Release ( pdf - 220KB )