FoodDrinkEurope calls for rapid conclusion of CAP transitional rules


(Brussels, 18 November 2019) At today’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting, Ministers discussed the post 2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform package and regulations on CAP transitional rules.

In this context, FoodDrinkEurope, representing Europe’s food and drink industry, calls on the co-legislators to rapidly agree to the implementation of CAP transitional measures. The timetable and the scope of the transitional regulations are not the right framework for the implementation of additional changes other than those extending the current CAP measures.

Moreover, FoodDrinkEurope emphasises that, while the priority remains to conclude negotiations on the CAP reform, any such transitional period must be long enough to ensure continuity of CAP payments to farmers until the new CAP is agreed and ready to be implemented by Member States.

Such transitional measures are a prerequisite for guaranteeing market stability and predictability, which are necessary to avoid disruptions in the EU agricultural supply chain on which food and drink companies rely.

Download the statement ( pdf - 79KB )