FoodDrinkEurope statement on the European Industrial Strategy


(Brussels, 10 March 2020) Today, the EU launched the European Industrial Strategy, which lays the foundation of Europe's green industrial transition. Accompanying the Industrial Strategy is also the launch of the EU’s strategy for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), which will support SMEs throughout the economy.


The industrial strategy provides a singular and holistic approach to industrial policy that touches upon many areas vital to ensuring a competitive, innovative and sustainable EU industry in the decades to come.

As a sector comprised of 99% SMEs, with over 290,000 enterprises, it is particularly welcome that the strategy recognises the unique situation of SMEs and commits to supporting them in the uptake of digital technologies and in transitioning to a greener, more sustainable industry.

As Europe’s largest industry, providing 4.7 million jobs and generating €1.2 trillion in turnover, the food and drink industry looks forward to working with all stakeholders to deliver the green industrial transition and in ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for all, while preserving Europe’s status as world leader in food safety.

Already, the European food and drink industry is working hard on halving edible food waste by 2030, attaining net-zero emissions by 2050, and increasing value-added by 2.5%-3.5% per year up to 2025, to name just a few areas where our industry is delivering on the goals of the European Green Deal and supporting Europe’s industrial future.


In 2017, FoodDrinkEurope joined the Industry4Europe coalition as a founding member to advocate for a European industrial strategy. Comprised of 154 industrial trade associations, Industry4Europe has been tirelessly advocating for a holistic and ambitious EU industrial strategy, with adequate progress indicators and an inclusive and high-level governance structure. FoodDrinkEurope is therefore pleased that the Commission has finally delivered a singular industrial strategy and we look forward to engaging on its implementation. For more on Industry4Europe’s activities, visit the website here.

In over half of the EU’s Member States, the food and drink industry is the largest manufacturing employer and across the EU our industry is the largest manufacturer by turnover, employment, and by value-added generated. For more information on Europe’s largest industry, see our Data & Trends Report 2019 here.

Download the statement ( pdf - 136KB )