FoodDrinkEurope welcomes Council conclusions on food product improvement


(Brussels, 17 June, 2016) FoodDrinkEurope supports the adoption of the Health Council (EPSCO) conclusions on food product improvement at their meeting today.

Formulation and innovation, including portion control, is one of the key ways forward for the food and drink industry which has already taken many steps to develop newly formulated products, both as part of its commitments to the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health since 2005, and via individual company, sector and national initiatives [1]. This work is ongoing and FoodDrinkEurope is determined to continue driving this in the future. 

The Council conclusions acknowledge the need for a holistic approach and recognise that this process cannot be successful without the engagement and collaboration of industry. We, therefore, call on the European Commission and the member states to facilitate an environment in which all companies, in particular SMEs, can foster innovation and engage in product formulation, accompanied by educational programmes for consumers on foods, diets and healthy lifestyles. Further work at EU level should however not result in the classification of “good” and “bad” food, as this would not be correct from a nutritional point of view. It is also recognised that quantity and frequency of consumption play a role in a balanced diet and that cultural diversity and dietary patterns and preferences differ across the EU. 

Europe’s food and drink industry has a proven track-record of delivering meaningful results and, with the right conditions and support, we believe that by working together towards a shared ambition, we can drive more meaningful change. FoodDrinkEurope is committed to playing a constructive role and we are convinced that a multi-stakeholder approach is the strongest, most viable and efficient way to tackle today’s societal challenges related to health.


Download the statement ( pdf - 315KB )