FoodDrinkEurope’s views on ‘Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030’


(Brussels, 31 January 2019) FoodDrinkEurope welcomes the European Commission’s Reflection Paper ‘Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030’ [1] highlighting key policy foundations in order to foster a sustainability transition (i.e. moving from linear to circular economy) and identifying cooperative principles needed to underpin this transition, such as education, science, responsible business conduct, corporate social responsibility and new business models.

FoodDrinkEurope and its members were pleased to contribute to the work leading to this Reflection Paper and we are actively working towards implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, implementing the key goals and targets can’t be done independently and will require key partnerships along the food chain and beyond. Cooperation with key institutions and agencies at European and global level are thus essential in order to foster positive results.

We believe that the establishment of the European Commission’s high-level multi-stakeholder platform on the implementation of the SDGs at European level, where FoodDrinkEurope is a member, has been a positive example demonstrating this.


Download the Statement ( pdf - 431KB )