Redirect to feed animals & to industrial use

Find ways for food loss and by-products to be used as animal feed.

When avenues for food loss to be consumed by humans cannot be found, animal feed is the next best alternative since it indirectly goes back into the human food chain. This channel is also used widely for by-products, trimmings and other products that are not fit for human consumption.

Examples of diverted food loss:

  • Belgian feed producer Trotec converts food loss of plant origin into animal feed. Examples include trimmings from pastry bases, crisps that have been over-flavoured and incorrectly packed products.


Find markets for food loss and by-products to be used as inputs to other industries.

Some food losses and by-products, such as starch, can be used as inputs to other industries.

Examples of diverted food loss

  • In PepsiCo’s snack factory in Belgium, starch from potatoes is filtered from the processing water, collected and sent to a neighbouring starch-using factory.
  • Dutch sugar producer Suiker Unie is exploring the optimal reuse of sugar beet fibres, sugars and protein. For instance, the company is piloting the production of bioplastics and bio-polystyrene from beet pulp. In the future, proteins from the leaves could be used to produce meat substitutes.  
  • The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the European Technology Platform Food for Life suggests biodegradable packaging materials made of food wastage or other raw materials that do not compete with food production, such as by-products, as an area for future research.