What about the inedible items?

We believe in maximising food resources, and are striving to find a use for even the inedible items. Examples of inedible crop residues and animal parts include shells from shelled nuts, sugar beet pulp, brewers’ grains, spent coffee grounds, animal fat, leaves of carrots and orange peels. 

Inedible crop residues and animal parts have many uses as: 

Animal feed

  • Beet leaves, tails and roots are used as energy rich and easily digestible feed for ruminants.
  • Brewers’ spent grains are often used as feed for cows, and have a positive effect on protein levels in milk.

Other industrial products

  • By-products from pork can be used by the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. For example, pig pancreas glands are a key source of the insulin hormone used to treat diabetes; pig hairs can be used for brushes.
  • Plant and animal based fats and oils can be transformed into fatty acids, glycerine and other raw materials that can be used to produce lubricants, cosmetics, soap, toothpaste, candles and dyes.

Soil enrichment and energy production

  • Vinasse, a co-product resulting from the production of bio-ethanol or yeast from beet, can be used as fertiliser.