FoodDrinkEurope updates industry-wide Acrylamide Toolbox


FoodDrinkEurope has updated its Acrylamide Toolbox in its 15th edition with new scientific and technological developments. The update of this toolbox is especially timely given the recent entry into force of the Commission Regulation establishing mitigation measures and benchmark levels for the reduction of the presence of acrylamide in food.

Some key changes include:

  • A more thorough distinction of the tools applicable for Potato-Based Snacks and those for French Fries. Due to different processing and finished product attributes, the same mitigation results cannot be expected for different product categories, and these were therefore appropriately adjusted;
  • Coffee and coffee substitutes (mainly based on cereals and chicory) are now two separate categories, allowing for a more accurate designation of mitigation measures;
  • The section on Methods of Analysis and Sampling has been rewritten to further consider issues surrounding measurement uncertainty;
  • Relevant analysis requirements of the recent Commission Regulation and CEN standardisation work on methods of analysis for Acrylamide in certain foodstuffs have been included;
  • Guidance to correctly implement Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2158 has been provided.

The latest edition is available to download below.

In order to further understand the nature of the substance and present some key pieces of information, FoodDrinkEurope has also developed a fact sheet on acrylamide which can be reviewed here.

A dedicated infographic has been created to visually demonstrate what is acrylamide and what does the science say, in combination with the industry’s actions. The infographic is available to download here.  


Download Acrylamide Toolbox (pdf - 1634KB)