UTPs:Opportunity to bring fairness & predictability to the food chain


Food and drink companies are inherently part of Europe’s culture and economy. Our 293,000 small, medium-sized and large companies together employ more than 4 million people and constitute the 1st manufacturing sector in Europe.

A fair food chain for all is our goal: our sector works hand in hand with the farmers; we cannot be successful without a prosperous farming sector and vice-versa. Our industry connects Europe’s rural areas with 500 million consumers in Europe and many more outside.
Fairness is a right of all players in the food chain; in order for the chain to operate successfully in the future, we must ensure that all players are granted this right.

With the Unfair Trading Practices (UTPs) Directive, policymakers now have a unique chance to act and to finally eradicate unfair dealings.


Download the position (pdf - 1171KB)