FoodDrinkEurope letter on Brexit:urgent need for contingency measures

FoodDrinkEurope, Europe’s food and drink industry organisation, would like to highlight the dramatic consequences that a UK exit from the EU without a deal will have on food and drink producers, the wider food supply chain and, in particular, on consumers. A no-deal Brexit will be damaging for large, medium and small companies alike, as well as for farmers, due to high tariff duties and burdensome procedures at the borders. It will ultimately be consumers in both the UK and the EU27 however, that will bear the brunt of Brexit, with disruption in access to the food they enjoy and, in some cases, that they need (e.g. special nutrition products).

FoodDrinkEurope position on price transparency

Over the years, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has become more market-oriented and the share of market support in the CAP budget has gone down. At the same time, to strengthen the position of farmers in the food chain, calls for intervention in B2B relations have increased, including calls for more market transparency. The EU institutions have launched EU Market Observatories, the initiative on price transparency and ‘Food Euro’ calculations.

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