FoodDrinkEurope announces new content series to be produced by BBC StoryWorks

Published: 04/04/2022

FoodDrinkEurope is thrilled to announce that we are presenting a new series about sustainable food systems to be produced by BBC StoryWorks, the commercial creative arm of BBC Global News.

The series is due to launch later in 2022 to a global audience and live on a microsite.

The series will tell the story of the transformation across Europe’s food and drink industry, as forward-thinking organisations across the continent strive to supply nutritious, safe and affordable food in a manner that can support the health of society and the planet.

It will uncover remarkable innovations and untold stories at each stage of the food value chain, exploring the innovation, leadership and behaviour shifts which are evolving how we grow, manufacture and consume. Above all, we’ll aim to:

  • Elevate the important topic of sustainable food systems in public discourse
  • Reveal the scale of transformation and collaboration already underway to meet urgent challenges, inspiring other organisations in the food and drink value chain to take meaningful action
  • Improve understanding of how food and drink systems work, demystifying sometimes obscure manufacturing processes and telling the story of the people and landscapes behind the products we consume

To explore this critical topic in depth, stories from the sector will be told through unique, immersive, mini-documentary-style films as well as written articles and audio content. Strong, personal narratives, beautiful cinematography and sound design will be woven to together to create observational-style content that can capture Europe’s food and drink industry authentically.

The series will look to inform and engage a large online audience with a set of powerful documentary-style short films, immersive audio content and in-depth, contextual written pieces. It will live on a dedicated microsite on, which boasts 130 million unique visitors as well as more than 1.1 billion page views and 200 million video views monthly.

Simon Shelley, Vice President Programme Partnerships at BBC StoryWorks, said: ‘The sustainable development of our food systems is not just important, but imperative. At BBC StoryWorks, we’re thrilled to be able to play a part in producing stories for organisations forging the way in this area. We are especially glad to be working alongside FoodDrinkEurope and will benefit greatly from their expertise. Food and drink are at the heart of our lives, and we look forward to exploring the deep connection we have with both in this first-of-its-kind series.’

Will Surman, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at FoodDrinkEurope, said: “Europe’s food manufacturing industry is made up of 290,000 businesses who together must transform the food system to look after our planet and our health. I’m excited to work with BBC StoryWorks to showcase the businesses and the individuals that are leading this transformation.”    

To express your interest in participating, please fill out details here or for more details contact:

Liam Wilby, Series Developer, BBC StoryWorks, 

Will Surman, FoodDrinkEurope,