FoodDrinkEurope guidelines: Food Safety Culture

Published: 01/06/2023

This short guidance document was developed by the food safety culture ad-hoc group of FoodDrinkEurope. It aims at providing some general guidelines, practical examples, and tools for Food Business Operators (FBOs) to help them understand, implement, and measure food safety culture.

Food safety culture consists of the shared values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, and practices within an organisation which contribute to the creation and maintenance of a safe food environment. In FBOs it encompasses the individual and collective actions of all employees, from management to the front-line workers, in creating a work environment that prioritises food safety.

Implementing a strong food safety culture requires a combination of both top-down and bottom-up approaches. Senior management shall set the tone and lead by example while employees are fully engaged and actively involved in the process. This includes providing adequate and appropriate training, availability of resources, and support for employees and leaders to ensure that they understand the importance of food safety and are equipped to perform their duties safely.