FoodDrinkEurope position: recommendations for the PPWR

Published: 05/03/2023

FoodDrinkEurope supports the general objectives set in the new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) of ensuring a well-functioning Internal Market through fully harmonised rules on packaging while tackling the packaging environmental impact. The European food and drink industry strongly supports the ambition to prevent and reduce the adverse effect of packaging and packaging waste on the environment and human health, and recognise the need of unlocking enabling conditions to ensure that sustainability goes alongside with EU growth and competitiveness

Over the years, the food and drink industry has constructively worked for the enshrinement of recyclability and reuse goals in legislation supported by a holistic view in the context of the European Green Deal. All economic actors have engaged collectively to come with  a common trajectory and encourage the swifter development of enabling conditions.

To ensure Europe becomes the leading continent in circularity and green transition globally, long term guidance and predictability to businesses to invest are paramount. It will enable faster and more far-reaching and ambitious actions to prevent packaging waste, confirmed by years of investments in recycling. The sector had achieved undoubtedly considerable results and made Europe an example of green and sustainable policies

Finally, FoodDrinkEurope supports the move towards circularity of packaging, looking at a comprehensive set of complementary actions, including making packaging more recyclable, re-using packaging wherever possible and wherever it provides environmental advantages, exploring ways to reduce packaging from the design phase without compromising on food safety or quality, informing consumers about waste disposal, and helping to boost collection rates, amongst others.

This document provides an overview of key recommendations developed by FoodDrinkEurope to ensure that circularity goes hand in hand with innovation, competitiveness and food safety.