FoodDrinkEurope supports health NGOs call for EU Platform review

Published: 16/04/2019

As part of its Priorities for the EU Institutions 2019-2024, FoodDrinkEurope calls for a comprehensive, co-ordinated and inclusive EU nutrition and health policy which is science- and evidence-based, respects food and ingredients and avoids Single Market fragmentation. Whilst, since its inception, the Platform has played an important role in facilitating dialogue and spurring concrete action to combat obesity and NCDs, FoodDrinkEurope shares the concerns about diminished political prioritisation of the Platform and of the contributions made to it by other actors over the past years.

In view of the next Commission mandate, we encourage the Commission to organise a broader joint reflection exercise with all relevant stakeholders on the way forward for multi-stakeholder action to combat obesity and NCDs in the EU.