FoodDrinkEurope guidelines: legibility of labelling

Published: 31/10/2022

The food and drink industry is committed to helping consumers make informed choices by providing them with accurate and transparent information on pack. However, the demand for more information to be provided on pack continues to increase while the amount of space available is decreasing due to the fact that companies are working to reduce packaging for environmental reasons.

We recognise that this can cause challenges for the legibility of on-pack information and we are committed as an industry to providing a workable solution to this.

FoodDrinkEurope, which represents the EU food and drink industry, has developed this ‘Code of Practice’ to provide guidance for manufacturers and enforcement authorities to ensure that all on-pack information is truthful, legible and accurate.

This Code is not intended to be a substitute for legislation. It aims to provide recommendations and best practices to help Food Business Operators to ensure the legibility of the information provided on the label. The legibility of the information and compliance with the requirements set by EU law is ultimately the responsibility of the Food Business Operator.