Situation in Ukraine - 4 March 2022

Published: 04/03/2022

(Brussels, 4 March 2022) The Board of FoodDrinkEurope met on 3 March to discuss the situation in Ukraine. FoodDrinkEurope stands in solidarity with the people impacted by the invasion in Ukraine and with all those who are affected by this terrible crisis.

Ensuring the safety, protection and wellbeing of employees is the number one priority of food and drink companies operating in the area.

As an essential industry sector dedicated to providing food and drinks all across the world, we are also working hard to ensure continuity of supply, including to the people affected by the crisis.

Many companies in the food and drink sector are working with humanitarian groups and charities, including providing food donations and supporting aid to help affected communities.

FoodDrinkEurope continues to monitor the situation closely with its members and will continue working together with authorities and international partners in getting food and drink products to the people. We call on all parties to ensure a safe passage of food and drink products, particularly to those in need, at all times.