Sustainable Packaging Pathway

Published: 25/06/2024

As we stand on the threshold of a transformative era for packaging circularity within the food and drink industry, the coming five years represent a pivotal period that will shape the future of packaging sustainability. The implementation of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) will set stringent sustainability requirements and ambitious deadlines for 2030 and beyond, where our industry will need key enablers to build on decades of investments in the field.

This pathway document is our plan to meet these objectives while managing resource efficiency and ensuring our planetary boundaries are respected. We strive for a balance between performance, cost and reduced environmental impacts while maintaining the quality and safety of the food and drink that our packaging protects.

Yet, while the destination is clear, the path ahead is fraught with challenges. These challenges are not insurmountable but must be faced with innovation, pragmatism and collaboration. We must navigate complexities ranging from technological limitations and supply chain constraints to consumer behaviour, market dynamics and external factors such as infrastructure development across Europe.

True packaging circularity will mean ensuring packaging functionality and food safety, without trade-offs in food loss and waste prevention, all while maintaining food contact material safety.

Our pathway is based on our 6 steps to achieve a sustainable and resilient food future. These pillars will be the foundation for our approach to packaging circularity for the next 5 years.