The EU agri-food chain calls for a robust and inclusive future EU Promotion Policy

Published: 30/06/2021

(Brussels, 30 June 2021) In view of the presentation of the 2022 Annual Work Programme of the EU Promotion Policy and in preparation of this policy’s revision expected in the first quarter of 2022, the EU agri-food chain, represented by Copa-Cogeca, CELCAA and FoodDrinkEurope stresses its support to the EU Promotion Policy as a key tool serving European rich and diverse food culture, combining tradition and innovation.

The EU Promotion Policy has successfully delivered on its primary objective of supporting the competitiveness of the EU agri-food sector and raising awareness of the quality and the high standards of production of European products. The future annual programmes and overall Promotion Policy should build on the past and current success.

This will be possible if all eligible products are equally able to apply and qualify for the promotion funding, in particular:

  • No products or sectors are a priori excluded: all farm, food and drink products can be part of balanced diets when consumed in moderation;
  • It is acknowledged that EU producers already abide by rigorous environmental protection rules and that there are several sustainable production practices.

The future EU Promotion Policy deserves an adequate budget. Given the strategic importance of this policy for the agri-food sector, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that enough funding is made available in this context, aligned with market realities and realistic growth prospects.

The agri-food sector had to face the implications of Covid19 pandemic, Brexit and trade disputes. In an increasingly competitive world market, where third countries support their respective sectors with their own promotion programmes, it is crucial to maintain a robust EU Promotion Policy in the toolkit for the recovery and reinforced competitiveness of the EU agrifood chain.

While the agri-food chain remains committed to contributing to the transition to more sustainable food systems, it calls for an EU Promotion Policy that stands strongly behind the EU farmers, traders and producers, boosting their competitiveness and celebrating the diverse offer of safe and quality products they place on the market.