The path towards more sustainable food systems - infographic

Published: 28/05/2020

Here are our 12 areas of action to make it happen:

Greener planet  

1.        Climate change: Support the EU’s target to be carbon neutral by 2050 with more energy efficient operations, a higher use of renewables and supply chain collaboration.

2.        Resource efficiency: Improve the footprint of manufacturing to preserve the value of resources like water, raw materials and energy, whilst working to halve edible food waste by 2030.

3.        Packaging: Limit the quantity of packaging, encourage re-use, innovate to find sustainable alternatives and help consumers make sustainable choices.

4.        Sustainable sourcing: Ensure due diligence within supply chains and responsible business conduct to protect biodiversity and forests, as well as human and animal rights.

Thriving economy  

5.        Single Market: Protect single market principles for the free movement of goods and labour to support Europe’s largest manufacturing sector, accounting for more than 4.7 million jobs.

6.        Farmer collaboration: Work with all farmers to prevent unfair trading practices.

7.        International trade: Drive an ambitious policy for free and fair trade that supports sustainable development in all Free Trade Agreements.

8.        Research and innovation: Provide a predictable policy environment that supports investment into innovations for a more sustainable food supply chain.

Healthier living

9.        Food safety: Maintain safe and high-quality food and drink through evidence and science-based policy that also supports sustainable food innovations.

10.        Optimise nutrition: Innovate to further optimise the nutritional content of food and drink and develop new products that respond to consumer demands.

11.        Balanced diet: Give consumers clear information to maintain a healthy, balanced diet with access to a wide range of nutritious and enjoyable products.

12.        Healthier lifestyles: Provide education, resources and encouragement towards healthier lifestyles with regular exercise.

To read more about these 12 steps see our full paper: The path of the food and drink industry towards Sustainable Food Systems