25% recycled PET in soft drinks and water bottles by 2025

Published: 02/02/2019

The European Federation of Bottled Waters, the forerunner organisation to Natural Mineral Waters Europe, pledged in 2018 to be a driving force to collect 90% of all PET bottles by 2025 as an EU average. Bottled water producers will also collaborate with the recycling industry to use at least 25% recycled PET in its water bottles by 2025 as an EU average.

Soft Drinks Europe (UNESDA) adopted in 2018 a set of EU-wide ambitions to make the sector’s plastic packaging more sustainable:

  • By 2025 soft drinks PET bottles will contain a minimum 25% recycled material on average
  • By 2025 100% of soft drinks primary plastic packaging will be recyclable

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