Capturing heat helps reduce energy consumption at Kellogg’s UK factories

Published: 02/02/2021

The engineering teams at the Kellogg factories in Manchester and Wrexham have identified innovative applications for the capture and use of heat as an energy source, which has helped reduce gas consumption. The Wrexham factory has initiated a project to recover previously wasted heat from the exhaust systems on the cookers, and to use it to preheat the water going into the boiler.

Meanwhile, the Manchester plant installed an advanced heat pump system on the wastewater treatment system to cool the wastewater treatment tanks down to the required temperature, and also recover energy to heat water for use in the factory for cleaning and staff use. The heat pump is capable of producing 25% of the site’s hot water demand.

Both projects have recognised energy reductions of over 3,700MWh with a payback of less than four years. The Manchester factory has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 24% since 2009 and is now seen as a global front runner within Kellogg for meeting reduction targets. Across all of its European manufacturing operations, Kellogg has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 17% in the last 10 years.

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