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Collaborating on nutrition in Spain

Published: 06/09/2020

The Spanish food and drink industry is collaborating on the national “Collaboration Plan for the improvement of the composition of food and beverages and other measures 2020″. The collaboration plan is a public health measure launched and promoted and by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), together with various food sectors including the Spanish food and drink federation, FIAB in 2017.

Results are expected to be published in the second semester of 2021.

The PLAN main purpose was to improve the nutritional composition of the Spanish food and drink supply, not only by taking into account the most common or frequent products among the shopping basket of Spanish families to achieve this goal, but also considering the nutritional quality of meals out of home.

At the end, this public-private collaboration was aimed to achieve providing the healthiest options to consumers as a way of preventing overweight and obesity. In fact, it has been described by the WHO Regional Office for Europe, as an example of a public health measure which can contribute to improving dietary intake among people.

The extensive voluntary adherence to this PLAN by companies has been a milestone at the European level as a model of collaboration due to the number and variety of products which are committed to improve their nutritional composition.

It included 180 sector measures or commitments to which 20 sector associations have joined, representing almost 400 companies from different food sectors: industry, retail, food service, catering, and vending. Moreover, the selected nutrient reduction agreements (sugar, salt and fat) involve the reformulation of more than 3500 products, and it comprises 13 food and drink groups and 57 subcategories.

Therefore, it is expected to have a significant impact on the “shopping basket”, and consequently on the diet, whether it is inside or outside of home.

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