DSM: feeding sustainable farming

Published: 30/09/2019

Cows provide nutritious dairy products – full of the high-quality protein, micronutrients and essential fatty acids our bodies need. Dairy cows also support the livelihood and food security of more than a billion people around the world.

However, cows generate methane, a greenhouse gas with consequences for our planet. Nearly 60% of emissions created globally during milk production come in the form of enteric methane (i.e. burps from the cows). A single dairy cow can generate three tons of CO2 equivalent every year in this way.

That’s why DSM has developed a innovative feed additive, Bovaer, to suppresses the enzyme that triggers methane production. Researched and developed over 10 years by DSM, Bovaer, takes effect immediately and is safely broken down in the cow’s normal digestive system. As soon as the additive is not fed anymore, full methane production resumes and there are no lasting effects in the cow.

Just a quarter teaspoon of Bovaer per cow per day consistently reduces enteric methane emission by approximately 30%.

By helping to reduce the methane impact of cattle farming, DSM is helping to solve a major global sustainability challenge: supplying consumers with sufficient animal protein in a way that is farm wise and climate friendly. 

Bovaer is helping food retailers and brands to lower their carbon footprint while also meeting a growing consumer demand for sustainable, eco-friendly products.

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