Food for Life Spain

Published: 02/02/2021

2020 has marked the beginning of a new digital stage for the technology platform Food for Life Spain (PTF4LS), adapting its activity to a virtual format where more than 120 partners from the entire value chain of the agro-sea-food sector (companies, associations, technology centres, hospitals, universities…). The Spanish food and drink industry is an active participant to the consortium.

The partners met for the second time at the General Assembly of the Food for Life-Spain Technological Platform, held on 15 December in a mixed virtual – face-to-face format at the Hotel HN Madrid Nacional, where the National Food Technology Platforms (NFTPs) Food for Life participated.

The technological and research priorities of the sector in the medium-long term are defined through 11 Working Groups: Food and Health; Quality, Production, and Sustainability; Food and Consumer; Food safety; Training and Technology Transfer; Food Chain Management (in collaboration with Logistop); Containers and Packaging (in collaboration with Packnet); Meat Sector; Dairy sector; Fruit & Vegetable Sector and Food retail.

PTF4LS is also a prominent member of the Circular Economy Intraplatform Group (GIEC), made up of 23 National Platforms, as well as the CO2 Intraplatform Group.

Food for Life-Spain has been in more than 50 national and international events during 2020 and has supported the implementation of RDI projects, both national and international in scope, having promoted more than 130 projects worth approximately 130 million euros in the last year.

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