Healthy diet, healthy life

Published: 03/02/2021

A joint programming of research of the participating Member and Associated States will contribute significantly to the construction of a fully operational European Research Area and strengthen leadership and competitiveness on the research activities in a specific field.

In particular, the Joint Programming Initiative ‘A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life’ (JPI HDHL) aims to combat diet-related diseases and strengthen competitiveness of the food industry by integrating research in the food-, nutritional-, social- and health sciences to increase knowledge and deliver innovative concepts. FoodDrinkEurope is chairing its Stakeholder Advisory Board through the ETP ‘Food for Life’.

The main interacting research areas identified by the JPI HDHL are:

  • Determinants of diet and physical activity – understanding the most effective ways for improving public health through interventions targeting healthy dietary and physical activity behaviours;
  • Diet and food production – developing healthy, high-quality, safe and sustainable foods;
  • Diet-related chronic diseases – preventing diet-related, chronic diseases and increasing the quality of life.

A key step in the implementation of the JPI HDHL is the establishment of Joint Actions in topics related to the aforementioned research areas. Some examples are ‘DEDIPAC’, ‘Biomarkers in Nutrition and Health’, ‘ENPADASI’, ‘NutriCog’, ‘Intestinal Microbiomics’, ‘Food Processing for Health’, and ‘Malnutrition in the Elderly Knowledge Hub’.