Kellogg's progress on salt reduction in Special K

Published: 12/04/2022

Kellogg Europe announced significant progress towards its commitments to people, planet and community, set out in its decade long plan, the Kellogg Wellbeing Manifesto, which launched in 2021.

One of the core pillars of the Kellogg Wellbeing Manifesto is improving its foods so that they are better for people.

Kellogg has reduced salt by 16% on its Original Special K flake (fortified, 32% unfortified) and an average of 20% (fortified, 29% unfortified) across its core Special K range* – the equivalent of 60 tonnes of salt being removed from people’s diets across Europe in 2022. The Kellogg food scientists have worked closely with their sensory team to develop a new formulation to maintain its unique flavour and taste experience.

This is one of the first projects that was undertaken by the new Kellogg European Culinary & Sensory Centre of Excellence, due to officially open later this year.

The Special K range will evolve to focus on having a healthy start to the day, as well as choosing food that is good for you and good for the planet. The recipe change will be accompanied by an inclusive advertising campaign showing people enjoying life to the full.

* Decreased salt by an average of 20% in fortified variants & 32% in unfortified variants in core Special K range

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