Kellogg's Wellbeing Manifesto

Published: 14/05/2021

Cereal and snacks company Kellogg Europe has unveiled a new decade-long plan to further improve its foods so that they are better for people, the community and the planet – the Kellogg Wellbeing Manifesto.

Over the next 10 years, the company will tackle salt and sugar, make its kid’s cereals even better, increase fibre, feed more people in need, and address the carbon footprint of both its packaging and operations across the continent.

The raft of measures was announced today as Kellogg Europe launched a new Wellbeing Manifesto for its European business, setting out its ambition to make good food that does a world of good too. Measures include:

  • Air sucked out of cereal packs to reduce carbon footprint
  • 10% sugar and 205 salt reduction from its cereals
  • Pledge to feed more than 30 million people in need

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