Campaigning for healthier living in Greece

Published: 03/02/2015

In June 2006, SEVT adopted the proposal put forward by FoodDrinkEurope for a common Nutrition Labelling Scheme. SEVT has published relevant guidelines for the implementation of the GDAs labelling scheme by the Hellenic Food Industry and has produced relevant leaflets and campaigns to promote nutrition labelling, including:

  • Leaflet on Food Labelling;
  • TV campaign “Know what’s going inside you at a glance’’ produced under the auspices of the Greek Consumers Secretary General and approved by the Greek National Council for Radio and Television;
  • Informative / educational booklet for the consumers ‘Know what’s going inside you at a glance’’;
  • Newspapers and Magazines Campaign ‘Know what’s going inside you at a glance’’.
  • SEVT Nutrition Information on-line quiz for consumers ‘Do you understand nutrition Labelling’.

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