Magic Breakfast

Published: 03/02/2021

Since 2009, PepsiCo has been donating nutritious breakfast to the Magic Breakfast charity, which provides free food to over 16,000 children in 430 schools. The charity targets schools where 35% or more of the children are eligible for Free School Meals, thereby helping those most in need. In 2013, PepsiCo provided 196,741 bowls of porridge and 92,430 litres of 100% fruit juice. By leveraging surplus stock, this was done while ensuring that waste levels were reduced and thus delivering environmental and financial sustainability.

A Magic Breakfast online poll, conducted in July 2014 and surveying 164 teachers, found that 81% of respondents believe children who attend Magic Breakfast clubs show improved attainment and attendance. Furthermore, the charity, supported by PepsiCo’s Quaker and Tropicana brands, won the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award in 2011 for its dedication to providing pupils in deprived communities with a healthy breakfast.

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