Marketing and advertising

Published: 03/10/2015

In October 2015 Federalimentare signed a voluntary agreement with the Italian Ministry of Health, focused on marketing and advertising “Commercial Communications Guidelines relating to food products and beverages, for the protection of children and their proper nutrition”.

The agreement states that commercial communication concerning food products intended for children, or likely to be received by them, should:

• always be recognized as such;

• be honest, truthful and accurate and should not be misleading for children;

• not encourage the belief that non possession of the product that is the focus of the commercial communication might imply inferiority, or parental failure to fulfil their roles;

• not diminish the role of the parents or other educators in providing valuable dietary indications;

• not induce the adoption of unbalanced dietary habits or behaviors or overlook the need to lead a healthy lifestyle;

• encourage educational messages aimed at promoting careful use of the product, the adoption of a healthy and balanced diet and more physical exercise.

Download the guidelines here. The English version is available here.

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