Nestlé nutritional information and guidance

Published: 03/02/2017

Nestlé believes in empowering consumers to make informed choices and aims to help consumers improve their understanding of appropriate eating habits with clear information about ingredients and portion size on our products.

This is why Nestlé promotes labels based on Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs), which inform consumers about the nutritional composition of a serving of food or beverage, as defined by calories, sugars, fats and other nutrients. They also show comparisons with reference daily guidelines.

Due to differing regulations, not all countries in the world allow GDA-based labels to be implemented on packs. Where these labels are not yet allowed, Nestlé works with regulatory bodies to promote the benefits of GDAs, as well as investing in consumer education and engagement.

In 2016, Nestlé had GDA labelling on 92.3% products; where regulations allow, 95.7% of relevant products designed for children used children’s GDAs.
To help consumers make informed choices about diet and to enjoy a more healthy and balanced life, Nestlé has developed an on-pack tool called the Nestlé Nutritional Compass. The Nestlé Nutritional Compass can be found on almost all Nestlé products worldwide.

Consumers can also learn more about the composition of food and beverage items, get dietary advice or tips for preparation through the product information that is now being provided via 4400 product websites covering 90 brands in 50 countries.

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