Norwegian partnership for a healthier diet

Published: 08/07/2022

The Norwegian food industry has for several years collaborated with the health authorities with the aim of making foods healthier.

The partnership for a healthier diet is a comprehensive collaboration with clear responsibilities and structure, ambitious goals, and political attention. FoodDrinkNorway is one of the partners.

The partnership started in 2016 and lasts until 31 December 2025.

There are specific goals related to reducing the intake of salt, added sugar, and saturated fat, and increasing the consumption of fruits and berries, vegetables, whole-grain foods, fish, and seafood in the population.

The partners will also work for increased awareness and knowledge about health and diet by the consumers.

The food industry’s main measures are product formulation and innovation, consumer information, as well as promotion of healthy lifestyles.

The overall goal is to increase the proportion of the population who has a balanced diet in accordance with the Norwegian dietary guidelines and to contribute to achieving the targets of the World Health Organization for a reduction in premature mortality from noncommunicable diseases by 25 percent within 2025.

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