MARS reducing portion sizes for healthier eating

Published: 03/02/2021

Mars has been engaged in offering more product options including a greater variety of reduced and improved portions sizes since 2007.

Since 2013, Mars has ensured that reformulated Mars Inc. products on the European markets has less than 250 kcal per portion thanks to the new chocolate recipe and the portion size reduction of several single packs: Twix single has been reduced from 2x29g to 2x 25g, Milky Way from 21.9g to 21.5g and Snickers single bar from 57g to 51g. This resulted in a 14% calorie intake reduction for each Snickers or Twix bar consumption.

Mars continued to improve the portion sizes of its products in 2014. More specifically, the Snickers funsize was reduced by a total of 4% energy thanks to the reduction of peanuts (8.3%), fat in the nougat by 100% and fat in the caramel by 46%. Moreover, new portion sizes were launched for M&Ms Choco and M&Ms Peanut, achieving a reduction in the total weight of 62% and 56% respectively. Finally, mini size products available offer less than 99 calories.

At the global level, Mars is committed to increase the number of chocolate products that are less than 200 calories per pack.

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