Revised Dutch Advertising Code for Food and Drink

Published: 03/02/2016

The FNLI (Dutch Food and Drink Federation) is ‘owner’ and initiator of the Advertising Code for Food and Drink incorporated within the general System of Dutch Advertising Codes that is governed by a Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) in which advertisers, media (including publishers) and advertising agencies participate. The Dutch consumer association has one seat on the board and thus participates in the governance.

The FNLI proposed further restrictions on advertising to children in 2014. The proposal focused on restricting advertising to children aged 7-13 of products that meet specific Nutritional Criteria (mostly similar to the EU Pledge criteria). The Code was accepted by the Board of the SRC (the SRO) in December 2014, and has been in force from January 1, 2015.

The next steps focus on enhancing full compliance to the new rules by food companies. The FNLI and the Dutch Union of Advertisers are organising a seminar for food marketeers providing information and training. The FNLI will initiate full-fledged monitoring in July and August 2015 in order to report on the extent of compliance to the new rules in September.

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