Savoury snacks portion size recommendations to consumers

Published: 02/05/2021

Eating small portions of foods between meals can be part of an overall balanced diet. The European savoury snacks industry is committed to providing consumers with clear and easy-to-understand nutrition information that will help them make informed choices.

Already in 2010, the European Snacks Association (ESA) has taken leadership on this issue and agreed a portion recommendation of 30g for savoury snacks and snack nuts.

While nutrition information provided per 100g helps the consumer compare the nutrient content of different kinds of foodstuffs in general, it fails to provide information on the actual nutrient content the consumer intends to consume. Providing nutrition information on a per portion basis empowers consumers to choose a healthy, balanced diet.

The portion rationale of 30g is in line with dietary recommendations for a snack in between meals and reflects consumption patterns across the EU as shown by the EU-funded Food4Me project*. It also reflects the intake linked to health benefits of nuts.

ESA members are sine then encouraged to voluntarily display the portion rationale of 30g front-of-pack and back-of-pack. As a result, the vast majority of European savoury snacks manufacturers now systematically indicate the 30g portion on their packs. Where more than one portion is included in a pack, it is also recommended that consumers be informed of this, and the number of portions a pack contains be declared.

“Comparison of the portion size and frequency of consumption of 156 foods across seven European countries: insights from the Food4ME study”; L. Kirwan et al. (2016)

Have a look at the infographic below or consult the European Snacks Association website to find out more!

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