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Soft drinks' sugar reduction journey

Published: 17/11/2020

The European soft drinks industry, represented by UNESDA, announced in November 2020 that it has reduced added sugars in its beverages by an average of 14.6% between 2015 and 2019. It remains the only sector to have responded to the EU added sugars reduction target of 10% by 2020 and has also delivered ahead of time.

UNESDA members have already reduced calories in their products by 26% since 2000. This shows the industry’s ongoing efforts to encourage healthier diets and meet changing consumer preferences for lower intake of sugars and calories.

The 14.6% reduction in added sugars has been achieved through:        

  • reformulating existing products whilst maintaining taste;
  • innovating to introduce new products with no or reduced sugar;
  • increasing the availability of smaller pack sizes to encourage moderate consumption;
  • promoting no or low-calorie soft drinks to provide healthier drink options.

UNESDA members are committed to promoting healthier lifestyles.

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