Informing German consumers

Published: 02/03/2023

The German food federation wants to show consumers the progress it is making in various fields and to keep up with the times it has various formats in which it is pursuing this mission:

  • The FoodCast is a podcast about everything to do with food, eating and health. From general tips around our well-being to the latest trends where it goes with the diet.
  • With a series of videos called „Simply explained“ („Einfach erklärt“) in which complicated topics related to food law and food safety that the Food Association deals with are explained in a consumer-friendly language, supported by graphic animations.
  • And of course the German food federation is present in social networks, where for example via Instagram, which is important for consumers, it regularly publishes videos and infographics on food and nutrition.

The German food federation provides a wealth of consumer information in the field of nutrition regarding for example food additives, food allergies, date of minimum durability and nutrition labelling:

  • Food additives – a brochure on food additives explains the function, safety assessment and approval criteria of food additives. It also looks into fears about food additives and provides a list as well as a list of permitted additives;
  • Food allergiesA shopping guide – The brochure contains information compiled by experts on the causes, diagnostic options and management of food allergies. Useful tips for food shopping and how they can shape their diet without unnecessary restrictions can also be found;
  • Ten questions and answers about the date of minimum durability – the flyer explains the most important issues regarding the date of minimum durability such as its meaning, how this is defined and whether a food can be consumed once the sell-by date has expired;
  • Understanding nutritional information – the leaflet helps consumers in understanding nutrition labelling. It also explains terms like calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat and the role of nutrients in the context of a balanced diet;
  • Understanding labelling – the brochure provides consumers with the most relevant food labelling information to make an informed food purchasing decision. It describes the elements required by law to be included as well as the voluntary ones. It also provides background information on certain labelling elements, such as the list of ingredients, nutrition labelling and the date of minimum durability;

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