Transform to Net Zero action plan

Published: 03/02/2021

As members of the Transform to Net Zero initiative, Danone and Unilever are working towards an inclusive net-zero economy by 2050.

Transform to Net Zero is a cross-sector initiative to accelerate the
transition to a net zero global economy.

The initiative aims to deliver guidance and business plans to enable a transformation to net zero emissions, as well as research, advocacy, and best practices to make it easier for the private sector to not only set ambitious goals–but also deliver meaningful emissions reductions and economic success.

The initiative has produced an action plan to achieving their objectives which includes committing to the following by the time of COP26:

  • Established a shared clear point of view on the meaning of net zero and the opportunity for business transformation in service of that goal
  • Accelerated the transformation of our companies and peer companies towards that goal
  • Begun action to build at least one inclusive net zero value chain
  • Promoted and supported the enactment of public policy that enables and advances the transformation to net zero

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